Friday, April 8, 2011


Has it really been almost 2 months?? Ok who shoved me into a time portal??? Seriously??? It's one thing to say I'm old... its a completely different story to act old!

Ok when last we met, I had inadvertently almost poisoned my work buddies with large quantities of salt....ever see that original Star Trek episode with the salt monster? Yeah, it was that level.

Lucky for me, they have forgiving personalities and iron stomachs cause they agreed to try again and I got some amazing feedback! 

So onto the competition!  Since I didn't pre- register, we pulled in around 9 for registration.  There is a definite advantage to doing a cook-off just a few miles from your house.... slept in til like 730 yay!

Anyway, we pull in and they hadn't set up the registration table... or gotten up and moving... or anything... must have been a heck of a party the night before... considering it was at a bar... I shouldn't be surprised? :)

As we were deciding if we should set up... this is what crept ever closer....
Yeah... we weren't that thrilled either.... especially when the skies opened up.... soaked everything... then closed up just as fast... it did leave behind a friend.... some serious, kick ass wind... must have been gusting 30 mph or so.... I had a great video of the main table and some competitors table top rigs blowing away but managed to corrupt it trying to download it to my desktop sigh.

In light of the carnage, we "Feng Shuied" (and I googled the spelling so yes its right ) our spot.

It really helped keep the fire lit and the wind in its place....Time to cook....and cook we did! The chili came out pretty awesome!
And the results were,........We didn't win...Oh.What.A.Shocker. Again - didn't make it off first table....grummmbllleeeeee .... really thought we had it this time sigh.

We did get to taste the winning chili...not my cup of tea....maybe some day I will figure it out.

Did have a positive out of all this though....

SOT (State of Texas) pod came over and personally invited me to join.  Thinking maybe I will... they are here in Austin and I could actually go to meetings...but off course I would still keep my membership in the Highland Lakes Pod....:) Love them peeps....

Coming up next weekend .....


Will I win? No, not even close.
Will I place? Ummmm no to that too.
Will I make it off first table? I think we know the answer to that too?
Will I have a blast? Definitely!! So if you're in Seguin next Saturday, come say hello!

Until next know it.... say it with me..... out loud.....

Howdy ROOOooOoooOoOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!